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Mitzi Bytes the cover

Mitzi Bytes coming from Harpercollins Canada in March 2017.

Sarah Lundy has a secret online life, and it might all come crashing down.

Back at the beginning of the new millennium, when the internet was still unknown territory, Sarah Lundy started an anonymous blog documenting her return to the dating scene after a devastating divorce. The blog was funny, brutally honest and sometimes outrageous. Readers loved it. Through her blog persona, “Mitzi Bytes,” Sarah not only found her feet again, but she found her voice.

Fifteen years later, Sarah is happily remarried with children and she’s still blogging, but nobody IRL—not even her husband or best friends—knows about Mitzi. They don’t know that Sarah’s been documenting all her own exploits, as well as mining the experiences of those around her and sharing these stories with the world. Which means that Sarah is in serious trouble when threatening emails arrive from the mysterious Jane Q: Time’s up, the first one says. You’re officially found out.

As she tries to find out Jane Q’s identity before her secret online self is revealed to everyone, Sarah starts to discover that her loved ones have secrets of their own, and that stronger forces than she imagined are conspiring to turn her world upside down.

A grown-up Harriet the Spy for the digital age, Mitzi Bytes examines the bonds of family and friendship, and the truths we dare tell about ourselves—and others.



"A provocative, compelling novel that should be - and will be - discussed between friends and debated at book clubs. Wise, perceptive and rebelliously funny Kerry Clare has given a voice to what we think but don't say, feel but can't accept, about parenthood, relationships and the struggle to reconcile our public selves with the truths that lurk within."

- Marissa Stapley, bestselling author of Mating for Life

“In Mitzi Bytes, Kerry Clare melds a stew of motherhood, modernity, and mounting, with a sly combo of humour, humanity and lively congenial truths. This is a delightful novel where a woman finds self-acceptance amid the unfortunate ramifications of her snappy social observations.”

— Anakana Schofield, Scotiabank Giller-Prize shortlisted author of Martin John

"In Kerry Clare's refreshingly honest Mitzi Bytes, we meet Sarah Lundy - a woman whose secret identity is about to smash into her reality - as she struggles to balance her family, relationships and true self. Witty and clever, Clare's authentic voice shines through the pages and right into Sarah, making it impossible not to cheer her on as she finds her way."

- Karma Brown, internationally bestselling author of Come Away with Me and The Choices We Make

"I could not put this book down. Literary, intelligent and witheringly funny, Mitzi Bytes is the love child of a suspense driven thriller and a feminist primer on maternal alienation. I suggest you read this book immediately."

-Dr May Friedman

"Funny, full-hearted - and sometimes heartbreaking - Kerry Clare's Mitzi Bytes is sharp take on a digital age dilemma: how do you find your voice without losing track of who you are?"

-Rachel Giese, editor-at-large Chatelaine


The Author

Kerry Clare

Kerry Clare is a National Magazine Award–nominated writer and editor of the anthology The M Word: Conversations About Motherhood. Her essays, reviews and short fiction have appeared most recently in The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, Joyland and Canadian Notes & Queries. Kerry teaches blogging at the University of Toronto and writes about books and reading at her popular website, She is also Editor at